Egil Rafto

Egil Rafto, the son of Thorolf Rafto, was a journalist enthusiastically engaged in the struggle for human rights. He was a co-founder of the Rafto Foundation.

In 1989 Egil Rafto organised aid shipments to orphanages in Romania, which at the time suffered from very serious shortages of funds, food and the equipment needed to provide decent shelter for the children. He was active in running a number of humanitarian organisations, including the Rafto Foundation for Human Rights.

Egil Rafto also was chairman of the National Foundation for Film Production and the Theatre Society of Bergen. His journalistic work included reporting on news, sports, literature, music and other current events. He also made documentaries about topics such as the homeless children of Brazil.

He worked for various media organisations in his hometown of Bergen, and towards the end of his life, for the national broadcaster NRK. Egil Rafto died in January 1997, 45 years old.

Rafto Human Rights House in Bergen was established in memory of Egil Rafto, and was officially opened in 1999.