The Rafto Prize Fund

The Fund's responsibility is to secure the availability of means to allow the Rafto Foundation to provide a monetary contribution to the work of our laureates, as part of the Rafto Prize.

Fund assets can also be used for follow-up work of Rafto Prize laureates, and to perserve the memory of Thorolf Rafto.

The Rafto Foundation established the Rafto Prize Fund in 2008. The Fund's assets are gifts from individuals and companies who want to contribute with long-term support to the Rafto Foundation's work.

The Board of the Rafto Fund consists of Tom O. Kleppestø (Chairman), Mette Storvestre, Lisbet Nærø and Alexander Cappelen. Tom O. Kleppestø was a board member of the Rafto Foundation 1992-2012.

Contact information:
Phone: +47 481 44 000