The Rafto Conference 2022

Event took place 12 November, University Aula, Bergen.

Watch the Rafto Conference with keynote speech by Nodjigoto Charbonnel and contributions by international experts related to the work of Rafto Laureate 2022.

Watch the recording of the Rafto Conference 2022:


  • Welcome
  • By Jostein Hole Kobbeltvedt, Executive Director at the Rafto Foundation and moderator Adele M. Mestad, Norwegian National Human Rights Institution (NIM)
  • Keynote Speech
    Speaker: Rafto Laureate Nodjigoto Charbonnel, Director of Association Jeunesse pour la Paix et la Non-Violence (AJPNV
  • Musical performance
    Johanna Saaek
  • Chad - A short Introduction to History and Politics
    By Ketil Fred Hansen, Professor University of Stavanger
  • Testimony (video)
    With Kolbassia Haoussou, human rights activist and co-founder of
    Survivor Speak OUT
  • Break (20 min)

  • How can torture be prevented in Chad?
    Speaker: Delphine Djiraibe, Human rights lawyear at Public Interest Law Center in Chad
  • The importance of rehabilitation of torture survivors
    Speaker: Lisa Henry, Secretary-General, at International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims
  • Musical performance
    thea wang
  • How can we fight torture and defend the rights of survivors?
    Panel discussion with: Dr. Isidore Collins Ngueuleu, The World Organisation Against Torture (OMCT), Dr. Vivienne Nathanson, UN Voluntary Fund for Victims of Torture and Nodjigoto Charbonnel.


Nodjigoto Charbonnel is the 2022 Rafto Prize Laureate. For more than 20 years, Nodjigoto has worked for human rights in Chad. He is the founder and Executive Director for the Chadian human rights organization Association Jeunesse pour la Paix et la Non violence (AJPNV). He established AJPNV as a reaction after his father survived mistreatment by state authorities. AJPNV works to prevent torture through rehabiltation, advocating for the protection of human rights – as well as prevention of torture and sexual violence by providing human rights education for youth and civil society. Photo: AJPNV

Host: Adele Mestad is the Director of the Norwegian National Human Rights Institution. She formerly worked for the Attorney General and the Office of the prosecutor at the Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda. She is a member of the Venice-commission and the Norwegian Freedom of Speech Commission. Photo: Stortinget

Lisa Henry

Lisa Henry is the Secretary-General for the International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims. IRCT is a global network of organisations and independent experts, whose work is to support survivors of torture through rehabilitation. Henry has extensive experience from humanitarian response before coming to IRCT as responsible for visionary leadership.

Ketil Fred Hansen is a Norwegian historian and professor with a Ph.D. in African history. Today he is professor in social sciences at the University of Stavanger. Hansen’s main research interest is the Sahel region, with a particular focus on Chad.

Dr. Isidore Collins Ngueuleu is a Senior human rights adviser at World Orgainzation Against Torture (OMCT) and in charge of Sub-Saharan Africa. OMCT is the world's largest non-governmental organization working to abolish torture, arbitrary arrests, extrajudicial executions and other forms of violence. Dr. Isidore Ngueuleu coordinates participation of African civil society representatives at United Nations Committee against torture in Geneva. Photo: OMCT

Kolbassia Haoussou left Chad, fleeing torture, for Britain in 2005. He later co-founded Survivor Speak OUT (SSO), a network for people who have survived torture. Kolbassia is now the department head for Freedom from Torture's newly founded Survivor Empowerment directorate. He also received an MBE in 2020 for helping torture- and sexual violence survivors in Britain. Photo: Freedom from Torture

Delphine Djiraibe is a Chadian human rights lawyer and activist. She is the Chief Attorney at the Public Interest Law Center in Chad, and co-founded the Chadian Association for the Promotion and Defense of Human Rights. In 2004, she received the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Award for her work. Photo: Amnesty students

Dr. Vivienne Nathanson is a medical physician and lecturer in public health. She is Principal Advisor on Public Health to the World Medical Association and member of the Board of Trustees of UN Voluntary Fund for Victims of Torture. Previously, she was on the Board of the International Rehabilitation Council for Torture of Victims.


Johanna Saaek is a 27-year old freelance cellist from Gothenburg. With a bachelor’s degree in Music Performance, the talented muscian is now doing her master’s degree at Griegakademiet in Bergen. She currently working as a cello teacher at Bergen Cultural School and is also employed as a district musician in Voss municipality.

thea wang newly released her debut album “While He Is Still Asleep” on MADE records. The album was well received by critics in Norway and internationally. She was also the support act for the artist AURORA during her European tour this summer. With her music, thea wang invites us into a mesmerizing universe of tranquillity, featuring short stories about love, sorrow, longing and loneliness.