War in Ukraine: Make a contribution to civil society

Do you want to support civil society actors in Ukraine, Belarus or Russia who work to protect human rights during the current war?

The Rafto Foundation will transfer contributions to activists who provide practical and legal assistance to people living in the war zone in Ukraine, or who need assistance due to persecution by the authorities in Russia or Belarus.


Please add a message with the word "Ukraine"


  • Documentation of human rights abuses connected to protests against the war.
  • Legal aid and counseling for persons who are persecuted due to their participation in protests.
  • Protection of human rights defenders who are exposed to the war or other deterioration of the human rights situation, and their families. This support includes shelter, psychological and legal assistance, relocation to other countries.
  • Documentation of the situation of human rights defenders
  • Dissemination of information about the war and the region for the public in Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia.
  • Core support for human rights organizations struggling to survive the crisis in Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia.
  • Political advocacy to promote the human rights of affected parties.
  • No funds will go to weapons.

We ensure that the funds will reach relevant local organizations and people who need support through our various partners, including the Human Rights House Foundation and the Norwegian Helsinki Committee. For security reasons, we cannot report who will receive support and from whom. We only work with partners we trust completely.

The recipients will be very grateful for all the help they receive. Thank you!


Jostein Hole Kobbeltvedt

Executive Director
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