Campaigning for a Norwegian Modern Slavery Law

Slavery still exists

The Rafto Foundation together with partners are working actively to eradicate modern slavery by campaigning for a Norwegian modern slavery law.

24 August 2018 

Why do we need a Norwegian modern slavery law?

There are 40 million slaves in the world today according to International Labour Organization's estimates. 25 million of these persons are in a situation of forced labour. And 70% of all forced labour happens in the private sector. Modern slavery is complex because it is hidden and it happens across borders.

As part of the campaign, The Rafto Foundation together Ethical Trading Initiative and the Norwegian Bar Association's Human Rights Commitee have released a report 'A Norwegian Modern Slavery Law' that was launched at the political festival, Arendalsuka in August. The report highlights the problem of modern slavery in Norway, and in global supply chains that are linked to us through the products and services we buy. And it strongly recommends the Norwegian Government to start a political process that will introduce a modern slavery law in Norway.

"​Human tafficing is the slavery of today. We do not accept human trafficing, in Norway or other countries"

The Norwegian Government

Today there are a number of voluntary initiatives, international standards and laws that affect  modern slavery in different ways. However, there is a lack of a legally binding standard for the business community that prevents the existence of modern slavery in the operations and supply chains. 

A law will give the Norwegian Government the opportunity to show stronger leadership, and it will send a clear message that they do not tolerate modern slavery in our society

The Rafto Foundation and its partners are working towards the introduction of a Norwegian modern slavery law that will raise standards in business and create a level playing field. The law will create stronger protection for consumers by ensuring that their products and services are screened for slavery. And most importantly, the law will be a significant step towards securing decent working conditions for the millions of persons who are trapped in situations of modern slavery today

Rafto Ambassador, Kygo is supporting the Modern Slavery law campaign. 


Tina Davis, Senior Advisor Business and Human Rights, tel: +47 902 55 442