Frode Elgesem new Chairperson of the Rafto Foundation

At the Foundation’s annual meeting last Wednesday, Frode Elgesem was appointed new Chairperson of the Board of Directors.

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Bergen, 03.12.2021

Board member Anders Skjævestad is appointed Deputy Chair, and Professor Anne Lise Fimreite joins as new board member. Elgesem and Skjævestad are taking over the helm after Martin Paulsen and Anne Horn, who both have made long and important contributions to the Board of Directors and the Rafto Prize Committee.

“The Rafto Foundation is one of Norway’s most important human rights organisations, and the Rafto Prize is among the most prestigious human rights awards in the world. I know that there is an impressive amount of work behind all this, so it is with great enthusiasm that I now take over as Chair. I have gotten to know the Foundation through various collaborations, and now I am really looking forward to working to develop the organisation further,” Elgesem says.

Frode Elgesem works as a Judge at Borgarting Court of Appeal, located in Oslo, Norway, and holds an LL.M. degree in International Law from King´s College, London. He has extensive experience from working with human rights, and has written a textbook on business and human rights. Elgesem is the leader of the Norwegian OECD contact point for responsible business, a member of the Judges' Association's human rights committee and former leader of the Bar Association's human rights committee.

He was one of three coordinating assistance lawyers for the victims in the trial after the terrorist attacks in Norway, July 22. In recent years, the Rafto Foundation has collaborated with him on various projects in relation to our business and human rights program.

"Elgesem has shown a long-term and broad commitment to human rights, both in and outside Norway. At a time when the rule of law and basic democratic principles are being challenged in many countries, and human rights defenders are experiencing increased pressure, Elgesem brings with him important experience and knowledge to the Foundation's board. We are looking forward to the collaboration, says Executive Director, Jostein Hole Kobbeltvedt.

Anders Skjævestad has been a board member since 2016. He is former head of Telenor's supervisory board and member of the Bergen Chamber of Commerce’s resource group on finance. Anne Lise Fimreite is Professor at the Departement of Comparative Politics at the University of Bergen (UiB). She is a former vice rector and vice dean at the Faculty of Social Sciences, UiB.


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