Strategy 2019-2021

Courageous voices - collective responsibility

Human rights are coming under pressure. The Rafto Foundation shall work to promote, respect and create engagement for human rights.

The Rafto Prize:

The Rafto Prize shall give recognition of recipients' work, be relevant and put human rights on the agenda. The prize shall inspire human rights defenders and the public.

Partnerships for human rights:

Working for human rights is hard to do solo. The Raft Prize is the start of a long-term partnership with the foundation. The prize shall create a community, where the laureates support each other's work and increase each other's status. We shall aim to build networks and collaborate with organisations and key players to make a greater impact on human rights issues.

Business and human rights:

We have seen a potential in working with the businesses to ensure they fulfil the human rights responsibility. The foundation shall be a resource and a driving force in the business community to comply with the UN Guiding Principles.

Human rights and democracy education:

Education shall be a central part of the foundation's work locally. We aim for more students and teachers in Norway to take part in democracy and human rights education. With our in-house competence we shall be in the forefront of bridging research and practice in classrooms.


We believe in engagement. The Rafto Prize shall inspire people to show their support to human rights defenders worldwide, students shall explore their commitment to human rights in our education activities, and volunteers shall feel that they are part of a meaningful community.

Promoting human rights is a collective responsibility.

Our main strategic goals for 2019-2021:

1: The Rafto Prize shall help to strengthen the influence of the Prize Laureates’ work on human rights and facilitate network-building with other Rafto Prize Laureates and fellow human rights defenders.

2: We shall increase its ability to influence the work of the business community and schools on human rights.

3: We shall reinforce its work by developing partnerships and collaboration agreements with centres of expertise.

Object clause and core activities:

The Foundation’s object is, in the spirit of Thorolf Rafto, to promote human rights, primarily intellectual, political and economic freedom. This work shall be performed on a humanistic basis without geographic demarcation in order to promote human dignity. The Rafto Foundation shall award the Thorolf Rafto Memorial Prize (the Rafto Prize). The Rafto Foundation’s work shall be performed through follow-up of the Rafto Prizes, educational initiatives and other communication.

The Rafto Foundation’s activities can be split into two main areas:

Core activity:The Rafto Prize, Partnerships to promote human rights and Democracy and human rights education.

Support functions: Communication, organisation and voluntary work and financing

The Rafto Foundation Strategy 2019-2021


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