KYGO makes a great contribution to our work for human rights

Last Saturday the three week long auction of KYGO’s golden hour piano ended. The piano was auctioned for 351.000 NOK and the auction money goes to Rafto Foundation. We will use this money to help those who are in the frontline and struggle for human rights for everyone.

-They do a very important job. They support various organizations around the world that work on human rights. That's why I wanted to support them, KYGO says to TV2.

The Executive Director of The Rafto Foundation, Jostein Hole Kobbeltvedt, is very pleased with the generous donation. He says that not only has the organization received a good deal of money, but that the Rafto Foundation's attention has also increased.

-This is one of the most special gifts we have received, says Kobbeltvedt to TV 2.

The Rafto Foundation thanks KYGO for his generous contribution and, not least, personal commitment to human rights. In 2016, KYGO became one of the Rafto Foundation's ambassadors, and he has since supported our work for human rights.