Rafto appeals to European parliament for urgent resolution on Kashmir crisis

On August 5 and the following day, the Indian government and parliament passed an unilateral majoritarian annulment of any constitutional autonomy for the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

Together with international Kashmir and human rights experts, including former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Judge Navi Pillay, the Rafto Foundation appeals to the European Parliament to pass an Urgency resolution on the crisis in Kashmir.


The authors argue that the ongoing curfew and lockdown are a violations of the human rights of Kashmiris, posing a high risk of the physical and mental health of the local population, endangering the stability of the region, and undermining the constitutional protection for the rights of other Indians as well.

Since August 5, large parts of Kashmir has been under curfew and lockdown. Several thousand have been detained, and unofficial reports circulate of torture and killings.


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