Watch the Rafto Prize Award Ceremony 2021

14 Nov at 6PM at Den Nationale Scene in Bergen

The Live-stream from the Rafto Prize Award Ceremony has been recorded an can be watched here!

The Ceremony will be honoring and celebrating this year’s Rafto Laureate Human Rights Analysis Group. HRDAG receives the Rafto Prize for their work in uncovering large-scale human rights violations. By using statistics and data science, HRDAG document human rights violations that might otherwise go undetected.At the Award Ceremony, the Head of the Prize Committee will present the diploma to the Laureate, and with performances from local and national artists, this evening will be a celebration of human rights!The online event is free of charge.

ESC youth company
Lykke Kristine Moen
Tor Jaran Apold
Fredrik Saroea and BIT20 Ensemble
Ole Paus
Michael Opara /Dorians Grave

Host: Guro Halleraker


ESC YOUTH COMPANY. Bergen Dansesenter and BIT Teatergarasjen have in collaboration with choreographer Sigurd Johan Heide and composer Snorre Bjerck, created a performance with ESC of contemporary dance. This playful performance combines elements from folk dance, games and contemporary dance with folk music, electronica, and live percussion. Photo: Sigurd Johan Heide

LYKKE KRISTINE MOEN works as an actress at Den Nationale Scene, and she has performed in a wide range of plays and TV productions since finishing her education in 2009. She has performed in classical plays, contemporary dramas, children’s plays, musicals, films and TV-series, and has received Statens Kunstnerstipend for her work. Photo: Jørn Lavoll, Draum Studio

TOR JARAN APOLD plays a Cuypers-violin dated 1760. He has studied under the professors Espen Lilleslåtten and Detlef Hahn and is by many considered a Norwegian cultural treasure. He has released two solo albums, in addition to accompanying a broad series of recordings, plays and tv productions. Tor Jaran is most renowned for his minimalist interpretations of Ole Bull and Edvard Grieg. Photo:

MICHAEL OPHARA / DORIANSGRAVE is a conceptual and underground artist whose work is designed around normalizing human contact. The
Nigeria Born artist uses a range of mediums to express his work. Paintings, Curating cultural spaces, poetry and music. He is also the creator of Slam Poetry Bergen, MeetingOfTheMinds, which are concepts that are held regularly at The House of Literature.

OLE PAUS has been one of Norway’s leading musicians for the last forty years. He appears on an incredible array of works: over thirty records, books,
theatre, film, series and even operas. His talents are multi-faceted; from singing, playing the guitar, composing and writing. The audience is truly captured by Ole Paus’ unique voice in combination with simple melodies and playful language. Photo: Finn Rune Christiansen

FREDRIK SAROEA AND BIT20. After 20 years and countless releases, most notably with Datarock, Fredrik Saroea has recorded his first solo album: Rona
Diaries. The compositions and arrangements follow the mantra “rhythmic gitar as first violin” and the lyrics are as serious as expected when written as a diary during a pandemic. The BIT20 Ensemble is a contemporary music ensemble based in Bergen. Founded in 1989, BIT20 rapidly became a spearhead both nationally and internationally, and their goal is to present the most adventurous ideas in modern music. This evening, members of the ensemble performs with Fredrik Saroea: Jutta Morgernstern - violin, Martin Shultz - violin, Liene Klava - viola, Agnese Rugevica - cello, Johannes Wiik - harp. Photo: Cecilie Bannon

CAJA. With her alluring voice and world-class pop songs, CAJA joins the ranks of prominent Bergen artists. Her soulful acoustic perfomance will capture you on the first note. She is an up-and-coming young artist worth watching. Photo: Fransisco Munoz

HOST: GURO HALLERAKER is a journalist and most known for hosting the documentary series, “Ekte” (real), that discusses the many sides of being youth today. She has been applauded for facing issues hands-on and not being scared to get her hands dirty; her approach to journalism engages the public, especially young people, and has generated healthy debates.