Rouba Mhaissen briefs the UN Security Council on Syria

On 28 September Rafto Laureate 2019 Rouba Mhaissen, Founder and Director of the civil society group Sawa for Development and Aid, briefed the UN Security Council on Syria. She said there can be no talk about peacebuilding in Syria, when people’s rights, specifically women’s rights, are being breached daily.

“Put Syrians at the forefront of your strategies. Speak to us. Don’t speak about us or in our name"

Rouba Mhaissen to the UN Security Council

“A lot remains to be done so that women are truly participating and that women at all levels are included. The everyday contributions of women at the community level remain unseen, and their demands remain unheard at the peace process level,” she said.

Even amid the most dire circumstances, Syrian women have unified, rising above their affiliations and ideologies, and put their country first, she said. Ms. Mhaissen further stated that building resilience and supporting Syrians, especially women, will be integral to any successful political settlement.