SAWA's Beirut Blast Emergency Relief

On August 4th, 2020, Lebanon witnessed a catastrophic humanitarian crisis after a massive explosion at Beirut’s port, located at the heart of the city. The causality rate continues to rise as officials have so far announced 140 deaths, with 4,000 wounded and over 300,000 people displaced.

Rafto laureate Rouba Mhaissen and the Sawa for Development and Aid - سوا للتنمية والإغاثة volunteers have been on the ground since the blast working on providing basic relief, emergency assistance, psycho-social support and helping with whatever is needed.

In solidarity with the Lebanese people and citizens of Beirut, Sawa for development and aid launches a campaign to support those who have been affected by the terrifying crisis that hit them. Read more about SAWA's campaign here:!/