The Rafto Prize 2019

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We hope you will join the events related to the Rafto Prize 2019!

The Rafto Prize Announcement:

26 September at 10.00 AM (cest)

Who will be awarded the 2019 Rafto Prize? The announcement takes place at the Rafto House in Bergen and will be live streamed at and on Facebook. Follow us in social media for news and updates: @RaftoFoundation #rafto2019

The Rafto Conference:

2 November at 11:00-14:00

Venue: Universitetsaulaen, Bergen
Public conference with keynote by Rafto Laureate and topics related to this year’s prize. Free entrance. The event registration at, opens in October. Free entrance

The Award Ceremony:

3 November at 18:00

Venue: Den Nationale Scene, Bergen
We honor the 2019 Rafto Laureate, with a musical/artistic celebration and a torchlight procession in Bergen city centre.
Ticket sale opens in September.

Oslo event: Meet the 2019 Rafto Laureate

5 November at 19:00-20:30

Venue: Litteraturhuset, Oslo
We invite you to a public conversation to learn more about the Laureate's human rights work. The event is free of charge

Program and further information TBA


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