The Rafto Prize Announcement

Each year we award the Rafto Prize to human rights defenders worldwide. YEsterday, on Thursday 23 September at 10:00 am (cest), we announced the Rafto Prize recipient 2021. Watch the event here.

Each year we award a person or an organization who stands up for human rights and democracy with the Rafto Prize. Read the criterias here
The annoucement will be live steamed on Facebook and on this page


09:30: live-studio starts the count down with guests and interviews. Host: Hilde Sandvik

10:00: Head of the Rafto Prize Commitee, Line Alice Ytrehus announces the recipient of the Rafto Prize 2021.

10:10: Live studio continues. Q&A with a prize commitee member

10:15: End live studio

Follow us in social media for updates in the program: @Raftofoundation (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) #rafto2021

Program may be subject to change


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