Kashmir – the state which has become a permanent state of emergency

Rafto Laureate 2017 Parvez Imroz explains what emergency law can lead to, the tragic case of Kashmir which was born out of a state of emergency in 1948, which was tightened progressively in the late eighties. The state of Kashmir was annulled by the Indian government, and a radical lockdown with severe restrictions on movement and communication was introduced on 5 August 2019. When the first death caused by Covid 19 was diagnosed in Kashmir 18 March 2020, the Kashmiri people had suffered a radical version of the state of exception now experienced by many others, for 32 weeks.

Protecting human rights during covid-19

Coronavirus has changed everyday life around the world. The pandemic especially puts the human rights activists fight for human rights under pressure. Here you can follow the latest developments from around the world.