annual human rights award

The Rafto Prize

Recognition to those who fight against oppression

Each year we award the Rafto Prize to human rights defenders worldwide.

The Professor Thorolf Rafto Memorial Prize for Human Rights (i.e. the Rafto Prize) has been awarded every year since 1987. The prize sheds light on human rights violations and gives recognition to human rights defenders who deserve the world's attention. There are no geographical or issue constraints regarding the individuals or organisations that may receive the prize. 

More than 30 persons have received the Rafto Prize. Learn more about our Rafto Laureates.  

The Rafto Prize is announced at the end of September, and the Rafto Prize ceremony is held each November in Bergen, Norway.

The Rafto Prize laureate receives a diploma and prize money of 20 000 USD.  The prize money is managed by the Rafto Prize Fund, established in 2008. The Fund's assets are gifts from individuals and companies who want to contribute with long-term support to the Rafto Foundation's work. If you want to contribute financially, please contact Chair, Tom O. Kleppestø,
phone: +47 481 44 000,  

An independent Prize Committee evaluates external nominations and nominates candidates for the Rafto Prize, and present these for the Board of Directors.

Everyone with an interest in or knowledge of human rights can make a nomination for the Rafto Prize.  Learn more about how to nominate a candidate for the Rafto Prize 


Picture of Liv Unni Stuhaug

Liv Unni Stuhaug

The Rafto Foundation, Project Coordinator Rafto Prize
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Phone: 48153309

Coordinatior for the annual Rafto Prize events, and secretary of the Prize Committee