Head of Education

Julie Ane Ødegaard Borge

tel: + 47 47 92267974 | julie.borge@rafto.no

Leader of the Educational department, teaches and coordinates the project "Fremtidspiloten".

Julie Ane Odegaard Borge is the Head of Education at the Rafto Foundation for Human Rights in Bergen, Norway.

Borge holds a PhD from the Department of comparative politics at the University of Bergen. Her research interests are civic education and young people`s political participation.


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Borge, Julie. A. Ø (2018) "Am I a politics person?" A Qualitative Study of Students` perspectives on Mock Elections as Political Education. Journal of Social Science Education Volum 17, (3), s. 63-74. DOI: https://doi.org/10.4119/jsse-8...

Borge, Julie A.Ø (2017) Tuning in to formal politics: Mock elections at school and the intention of electoral participation among first time voters in Norway. Politics Volum 37.(2) s.201-214 https://doi.org/10.1177/026339...