Rafto Prize


Nominate a candidate for the Rafto Prize

Each year we award a person or an organisation who stand up for human rights and democracy. We encourage everyone with an interest in or knowledge of human rights to make a nomination for the Rafto Prize. Annual deadline is 1 February.

Nominate a candidate

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  • A candidate should be active in the struggle for the ideals and principles underlying the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  • A candidate's struggle for human rights should represent a non-violent perspective.
  • A candidate may be a person or an organisation, and two or more candidates may share the prize.

How do I nominate?

Fill in the form above  by clicking the blue "make a nomination"-button and attach required documents.

Deadline for nominations: 1 February.
Nominations received after 1 February will be taken into consideration for the Rafto Prize 2020.

Who can nominate?

Anyone with an interest in and knowledge about human rights is welcome to nominate candidates. Candidates nominated by themselves or by their staff or by honorary officers will not be taken into consideration.

Who makes the decision?

Nominations for the Rafto Prize are received and evaluated by the Prize Committee. Recipient(s) is selected by the Board of Directors.

When is the announcement the Rafto Prize? 

In 2019 the recipient of the Rafto Prize will be announced 26 September at a press conference at the Rafto House in Bergen. The announcement will be live streamed on our website. 


For questions regarding nominations, please contact the Secretary of the Committee, Liv Unni Stuhaug, e-mail: livunni.stuhaug@rafto.no