Rafto Prize

The Rafto Prize Commitee

Mandate and members of committee

The Committee Members work without remuneration, and constitute an independent and self-recruiting body within the framework of the Rafto Foundation.The duties of the committee are to evaluate and nominate candidates for the Rafto Prize, and present these for the Board of Directors.

Members 2018

Lise Rakner - Chair 
Professor, Department of Comparative Politics at University of Bergen and  senior researcher, Christian Michelsen  Institute (CMI). 

Phone: +47 95 70 50 76
E-mail: lise.rakner@uib.no

Lars Ivar Oppedal Berge, Deputy Chair 
Associate Professor, Department of Accounting, Auditing, and Law, Norwegian School of Economics (NHH)

Line Alice Ytrehus
Professor, Department of intercultural studies, NLA University College

Kristine Husøy Onarheim
PhD candidate, Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, Department of Global Public Health and Primary Care, University of Bergen

Michael Hertzberg
Associate Professor, Department of Linguistic, Literary and Aesthetic Studies, University of Bergen

Johannes Servan
Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy, University of Bergen

Eirik Hovden
Post Doctoral researcer, Department of Foreign Languages, University of Bergen

Helle Mai Hagen
Leader of the Rafto student group 2018

Liv Unni Stuhaug - Secretary
Project Coordinator Rafto Prize 
Phone: + 47 48 15 33 09
E-mail: livunni.stuhaug@rafto.no 

The Prize Committee 2018, from left: Eirik Hovden, Johannes Servan, Michael Hertzberg, Helle Mai Hagen, Lise Rakner, Lars Ivar Oppedal Berge, Line Alice Ytrehus and Kristine Onarheim.