Iver Ørstavik

Senior Advisor

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Phone: 47096755
E-mail: iver.orstavik@rafto.no

PHONE: + 47 47096755 | EMAIL: iver.orstavik@rafto.no

Iver Ørstavik has facilitated a broad variety of projects in assistance of the work of Rafto laureates since 2010, working extensively with laureates and other partners from India, Bahrain, Mexico, Honduras, Korea, Hungary, Russia, Uganda. He has covered subjects ranging from Dalit discrimination, via migrants and LGBTIQ rights, to rule of law. He headed the Free Speech to Overcome Hate Speech Program 2016-2018. Ørstavik has also been a member of the Rafto Prize Committee, and was Head of the educational work at Rafto Foundation in 2007-2009.

Ørstavik holds an M.A. in philosophy from the University of Bergen. He has approximately 15 years of teaching experience from various universities and community colleges, in the history of philosophy, philosophy of science, critical thinking, philosophy of law, and ethics.

Fields of competence:

  • International advocacy
  • Relationship between politics and law
  • Freedom of speech
  • Critical thinking

Recent publications: