Our Work

These are our main activities

The Rafto Prize

The Rafto Prize sheds light on human rights violations and gives honor to human rights defenders who deserve the world's attention. With the annual award, we want to strengthen the laureates' influence in their human rights work. The prize is also a start of a long-term collaboration where we can contribute to international awareness, emergency aid, or collaborative projects.

Nominate a candiate to the Rafto Prize

Human Rights Defenders

The Rafto Foundation provides support for human rights defenders and helps to promote their work locally and internationally. Women are a particularly vulnerable group among human rights defenders. Through a network of women human rights defenders and grassroots activists from the Middle East, Southeast Asia and North Africa, we have facilitated the establishment of local projects that address various challenges and threats that women are particularly exposed to.

Human Rights and Democracy Education

The Rafto Foundation is one of seven National Peace- and Human Rights Centers in Norway and offers human rights education to students in Western Norway. Through our expertise in history, didactics and social studies, our teachers are an important resource for teachers on topics such as democratic citizenship, sustainability and human rights.

Business and Human Rights

The Rafto Foundation challenges the authorities and the business community so that they comply with their human rights responsibility. Through international collaboration platforms, we facilitate the business community to share their experiences, and collaborate with various educational institutions on courses and seminars.

Upcoming courses and seminars: