Rafto Prize

The Rafto Prize Committee

Mandate and members of committee

The Committee Members work without remuneration, and constitute an independent and self-recruiting body within the framework of the Rafto Foundation.The duties of the committee are to evaluate and nominate candidates for the Rafto Prize, and present these for the Board of Directors.

Members 2022

Line Alice Ytrehus - Chair
Professor, Assistant Head of Department, Department of Pedagogy, Religion and Social Studies, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences
Phone: +47 90 12 10 58| E-mail: line.alice.ytrehus@hvl.no

  • Ingrid Hoem Sjursen, Senior Researcher, Chr. Michelsen Institute
  • Johannes Servan, Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy, University of Bergen
  • Bheki Dlamini, Political Activist
  • Helge Haugland, Acting District Court Judge, Bergen District Court
  • Håkon Tveit, Assistant Professor, Department of Foreign Languages, University of Bergen
  • Kjersti G. Berg, Post-doctoral researcher, Chr. Michelsen Institute
  • Kariane Gärtner Westrheim, Professor, Department of Education, University of Bergen
  • Maria Lie Jordheim, Leader of the Rafto student group 2022
  • Liv Unni Stuhaug, Secretary, Project Coordinator Rafto Prize | E-mail: livunni.stuhaug@rafto.no