Jostein Hole Kobbeltvedt

Executive Director

Jostein Hole Kobbeltvedt was appointed Executive Director of the Rafto Foundation for Human Rights in 2016. He has a comprehensive background as a human rights advocate, including from Norwegian Church Aid where has served as policy advisor and held several management positions.

Kobbeltvedt has a long track record of working with civil society groups and social movements in Africa, South-America and Asia and from advocacy towards the United Nations (UN), the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). He served as the Area Representative for Southern Africa in Norwegian Church Aid, based in South Africa (2011-2014). Kobbeltvedt was a member of the UNCTAD working group on responsible sovereign lending and borrowing (2009-2011). He has worked as a policy advisor for the African Network on Debt and Development (AFRODAD) in Zimbabwe.

Kobbeltvedt holds an MSc in Comparative Politics from London School of Economics and a bachelor degree from the Universities of Oslo and Bergen.

Email: | tel: +47 920 660 25