New hope for sexual minorities in Uganda

Uganda's extreme anti-homosexuality law has been petitioned for annulment by law professors, human rights activists, and several civil society organizations in Uganda.

The law, which allows for the death penalty for homosexuals, has been strongly condemned by numerous countries worldwide.

On Monday, December 18, the law was challenged in the Constitutional Court in Kampala. Former Rafto Prize laureate Frank Mugisha ( picture) was present in court.

"We have a solid written petition, and I hope the law will be annulled," Mugisha told the Panorama news website.


LGBTQ-activist Steven Kabuye is hopeful about the outcome of the trial.

"The fact that the Anti-Homosexuality Act 2023 is brought to court is a step in the right direction towards equality and justice," Kabuye told Panorama news.

The five judges assigned to handle the petition have not yet indicated when a judgment is expected.