Rafto laureates gathered for conference in Geneva

Rafto laureates from the last 30 years met to share challenges in their courageous work defending human rights.

Published: Tuesday, May 7th, 15:30

Last week, the Rafto Foundation organized the Rafto Laureate Forum in Geneva, Switzerland.

The forum serves as a meeting place for former Rafto laureates. Around twentyfive laureates and human rights defenders participated in the three-day long conference.

Important meeting place

Under extremely challenging working conditions, Rafto laureates continue their important work to protect human rights worldwide.

The conference in Geneva became a meeting place where they could share challenges and discuss solutions.

Khaled Quzmar, the Secretary-General of Defense for Children Palestine, was among the participants. He believes the conference had great value:

"The Rafto Prize has meant a lot to us and our work in Palestine. I am very happy to be here these days and to be able to meet the other laureates," said Quzmar.

"Defense for Children Palestine received the Rafto Prize last year, represented here by Secretary-General Khaled Quzmar.

"A big family"

He received support from the other participants, including Neda Al Salman, Secretary-General of the Bahrain Center for Human Rights.

The organization received the Rafto Prize for its work on human rights in Bahrain in 2013.

– I feel that we are part of a big family. We listen to these human rights advocates from other countries. From Africa, Latin America, and Asia. One feels that you are not alone. We all face difficulties and we all face similar challenges. That's why it's important to be part of this family. Because we support each other," said Al Salman.

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Neda Al Salman, generalsekretær i Bahrain Center for Human Rights (Raftoprismottaker 2013).

We all face difficulties and we all face similar challenges.

Neda Al Salman


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