Rafto laureates and human rights defenders in Bergen: – A very exciting week full of engagement

The Rafto Foundation received international visitors during One Ocean Week.

Published: Tuesday, April 23rd, 14:00

Last week, One Ocean Week was held in Bergen.

During that time, the Rafto Foundation received visits from several international guests from Colombia, India, Nigeria, and the United Kingdom.

Former Rafto Prize laureate Nimmo Bassey from Health of Mother Earth Foundation in Nigeria was among the guests.

"It has been a very exciting week full of engagement,' he commented."

Rafto lauerate Nimmo Bassey.

Human rights in the ocean industry

Beena Pallical from Rafto laureate National Campaing on Dalit Human Rights also visited Bergen.

"We are looking on how we can have better human rights in business, corporations, and the ocean industry. Great to be here, Pallical said.

Beena Pallical from Rafto laureate National Campaign on Dalit Human Rights.