Bulambo Lembelembe Josué was in Bergen in May when he spoke at the Rafto Foundation's conference on responsible business.

Rafto Prize recipient raises alarm about the situation in Congo: – No one cares

Bishop Bulambo Lembelembe Josué received the Rafto Prize in 2008 for his work for war victims in Congo. Now he is raising the alarm about the situation in his home country.

Published: Friday, June 28, 12:00

– For more than a decade, people have been killed like flies, and no one cares, says Lembelembe Josué to the Rafto Foundation.

This week, he issued a public condemnation of the violence and killings against the population in Beni, eastern Congo.

In the statement, Lembelembe Josué writes that serious human rights violations are being committed by local and foreign armed groups in Beni in North Kivu.

– For more than a decade, the ADF NALU, rebels and other local armed groups have been massacring innocent people, savagely raping wome, looting livestock, setting fire to villages, and destroying health, education and environmental infrastructures in the face of the guilty silence of the national security services and the international community, states the former Rafto Prize recipient.

– We urgently appeal to the government of the DRC and the international community to stop these atrocities so that the affected population can resume their lives in peace, continues Lembelembe Josué.

You can read the full statement here:

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