Shipping and Human Rights – from Principles to Practice Seminar in Bergen

Vision of The Fjords (Øvre dekk), Bergen Norway.


Shipping is the backbone of the global economy, with over 80% of the world’s trade by volume being transported by sea. Human rights issues arise across the entire lifecycle of a ship – from design, finance and ordering, through building and operation, to breaking/recycling. In this seminar, a strong panel of key stakeholders and experts will focus on the practical embedment of human rights from shipyard to scrapyard.


11:00-11:05 Welcome and introduction to the Ocean and Human Rights Platform

Jostein Hole Kobbeltvedt, Executive Director, Rafto Foundation

Frances House, Senior Advisor, Institute for Human Rights and Business

11:05-11:50 PANEL

Moderator: Sigvald Sveinbjørnsson, Managing Director, Maritime Bergen

Building the industry’s capacity on human rights due diligence

Liv Minde, Lawyer, the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association

The Ship Lifecycle: Human rights from shipyard to scrapyard

Cathrine Bloch Veiberg, Chief Adviser, Responsible Value Chains Programme Manager, Human Rights and Business, Danish Institute for Human Rights

Delivering on Seafarers’ Rights

Francesca Fairbairn, Programme Manager, Oceans and Commodities, Institute for Human Rights and Business

Key challenges from an industry perspective

Gry Larsen, Leader of Sustainability and Public Affairs, Grieg Group.

An equitable ocean economy

Henrik Harboe, Special Representative Ocean, MFA

Discussion/ Q & A


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