Code of conduct staff, volunteers, guests and partners related to Rafto Foundation

The working environment in Rafto Foundation must be characterized by respect, helpfulness and cooperation. Communication internally and externally must be characterized by attentiveness, mutual respect and openness.

At Rafto Foundation, we do not tolerate unfair discrimination, including, but not limited to, based on colour, gender, gender identity and expression, sexuality, religion, age, class, nationality, ethnicity, disability, medical condition, physical appearance, body size, and language. Accordingly, our staff, volunteers, guests and partners, may not conduct themselves in a way that unjustifiably favors or discriminates against particular individuals or interests.

We expect you to be considerate and respectful to all community members. Refrain from demeaning, discriminatory, or harassing behavior, materials, and speech. And to speak up if they observe anything at an event that conflicts with this.

Employees, volunteers, guests and partners in the Rafto Foundation must not contribute to corruption. As a rule, representatives of the Rafto Foundation must not receive personal gifts from business associates, partners or sponsors. Smaller gifts on special occasions are accepted. Employees and volunteers must not receive benefits that are likely to influence decisions. The individual must also not give or offer gifts or benefits that could influence the recipient's decisions. These provisions also apply to gifts to/from close relatives.

Everyone should feel safe at Rafto Foundation. Failure to comply the rules can be reported to your contact person in Rafto Foundation, or to executive director Jostein Hole Kobbeltvedt (he/him) or head of administration Frøydis Olaussen (she/her), who decides what consequences the breach of rules will have in the individual case. All reports will be taken seriously. Violations of the rules can also be reported through other channels as detailed in the Rafto Foundation's notification routines.

From the board of Rafto foundation June 2023


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